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QHow long does the cremation ceremony take?

A:The pet cremation ceremony takes about 1 to 2.5 hours but the exact time depends on the size and type of the pet.


QHow long after cremation can I get my pet’s ashes back?

A:After the pet is cremated, the owner can retrieve the pet's ashes on the same day.


QWhat can I do with the ashes after my pet has been cremated?

A:You can choose to take your pet's ashes home or you can place them in our Memorial Garden to preserve your pet’s memories.


QWhat are pet aftercare services?

A:At TLC Tender Loving Creatures, we understand that the loss of a beloved pet equals the loss of close friends and family. We are committed to providing professional and formal farewell and mourning services for pet owners, and organize solemn, private pet aftercare services always with a caring, respectful and compassionate attitude.


QWhat is the difference between individual cremation and group cremation?

A:Individual cremation means that only one pet is cremated at a time. We will thoroughly clean the whole body, disinfect and then refrigerate the pet. The owner can then make an appointment with us to arrange a farewell ceremony, where we will ensure the pet will look its most peaceful state.  On the day of the cremation, the owner can choose to retrieve the pet's ashes, or place the ashes in our Memorial Garden. 


Group cremation means that more than one pet is cremated at the same time. The length of the cremation time will depend on the situation. After cremation is complete, we will arrange for their ashes to return to nature.


QHow do you charge?

A:We charge according to the weight of the pet. Please click here to see our fee details.


QDo you accept pets of any kind? 

A:We will accept pets that are legally raised in Hong Kong.

QWhen do I need to arrange for cremation?

A:After receiving pets, we will thoroughly clean and sterilize them, and store them independently in a suitable temperature environment for refrigeration. You can make an appointment for the cremation of your pet within a month.


QCan I invite relatives and friends to the farewell ceremony? Can the ceremony also be arranged on weekends and public holidays?

A:Yes, we will arrange a suitable room for you according to the number of people attending the farewell ceremony. We can make appointments for farewell ceremonies from Monday through Sunday.


QIn order for my pet to rest in peace as soon as possible, can I arrange cremation immediately on the day my pet dies?

A:If there are vacancies on the day, we can arrange the pet cremation ceremony for you on the same day. Please call our pet funeral consultants on +852 2115 3151 or  WhatsApp +852 2115 3151 for more details.

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